Welcome to Graphic Spot

Hello fellow designers, Graphic Spot was started for us and yes I am including myself in this context! I wanted to create a space where we could all learn from each other.

I am Virginia and I am the founder of Graphic Spot; I am also a freelance graphic designer that is now continuing my graphic design education while working a “normal” job. Throughout my studies I have found that while continuing working the normal job I was not getting enough time or information on the many resources available to me as a graphic design student trying to build my portfolio and get experience working with potential customers. That is where the idea of Graphic Spot came from.

At that point I started researching different avenues to meet these goals, then as I learned more and more about what is available and how to use this information to help me with the transition of student/worker bee to eventually becoming independent as a freelance graphic designer, it dawned on me! Why not create a space to share what I have learned along the way with others in my shoes? The next revelation was to offer within that same space a forum share their experience and knowledge.

Graphic Spot was born!

Join us at Graphic Spot and find resources that you didn’t know existed. And I hope you will also share any resources that you have found helpful.