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Welcome – About Graphic Spot

Hello, my name is Virginia, let me tell you a little About Graphic Spot.

I started this blog to provide a place for people within the Graphic Design Community to share ideas and tips relevant to their profession and or studies.

My Journey into Graphic Design – About Graphic Spot’s Origins

Growing up I was the girl that created things out of nothing, such as cardboard boxes from packages delivered to our home would become Victorian Band Boxes or jewelry boxes. I always had all the neighborhood kids involved in projects.

We would have parties at my house and my mom would ask me to make decorations because of my eye for color combinations and how to arrange the decorations so that they would “flow” from the moment the guest walked in the door and on through the house.

I would have classes teaching the other kids on my block how to make gifts for their family. We would collect items that could be used that were no longer in use, such as the cardboard boxes, old jewelry, old clothing, shells, rocks, etc and store them in a chest in my room and when someone had an event we would go to the chest and see what we could make!

I was always the teacher’s aid in school, which taught me about presentation and proper placement to get the viewers’ attention.

This all leads me into graphic arts studies, eventually choosing Graphic Design as my passion!


I attended college for Multi-Media Design and also took courses in Graphic Design.

During these years I was raising my three children and studying. Until recently, when I took on an office position in a local plumbing company. Even at this job, I have found ways to express my talent!

I produced all the company’s graphic design materials, letterhead, logo, website, and social media pages and marketing.

I am using my skills but to promote someone else’s dream, that is when Graphic Spot came into being!

To thine own self be true…

I wanted an arena where like-minded individuals within the Graphic Design Community could come together and share knowledge, resources, and inspiration as well as tips and reviews to help others succeed in their endeavors.

What can we do to help you achieve your desires as a student or a professional artist?

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Virginia Villalobos

Owner and founder of Graphic Spot

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