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Have you ever thought of working for yourself as a Graphic Designer? Wouldn’t it be nice to have somewhere to find resources to help you find freelance graphic design jobs? Well, look no further! That is exactly what I have put together here for you. I am still in my studies as a graphic designer and have researched many online freelance opportunities and I would like to share my experience with you. Let the designer and entrepreneur in you excel, together we can do this!

Your true success in life begins only when you make the commitment to become excellent at what you do. — Brian Tracy

Where To Find Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Online

I began by looking for design contests to build up my portfolio, as I competed in the contests, the designs that I submitted to the contests would then be added to my portfolio.

Here are some of the sites that you can register as a creative and compete in the contests. I have found these sites very helpful in building my portfolio and as a means of finding ideas for projects. Joining these freelance sites also helps get you connected to your field and keeps you in the community.

  1. You can register here as a freelance designer and compete in contests! You can also build a portfolio for the clients to browse through and hire you! 99designs will send you invitations to contests by email and you can also browse through contests based on your skills.
  2. You can also register here as a freelance designer and compete in contests! You can also build a portfolio for the clients to browse through and hire you!
  3. Again this is another site where you can register as a freelance graphic designer and also compete in contests. There is also a profile section and a portfolio section.
  4. At Fiverr, you will fill a registration with all of your skills and you will set your prices for various services and their customers will contact you to complete tasks.

How To Find Graphic Design Jobs That Match Your Skills

Once you register on one or more of these sites you will be able to browse contests that are in your skill sets. You can search for any graphic design projects such as:

Logo Design

Business Card or Brochure design

Website design

T-shirt design

Banner ads

Packaging design

and much more

You can also start a store on some of the sites that showcases your skills and your portfolio, they have some requirements to start selling yourself on their site. I will go further into all of this in another article or you can check it out for yourself by looking around on the sites listed above!

Selling Yourself And Your Graphic Design Skills Online

Freelance graphic design jobs are available online! If you take the time to market yourself on these sites you will get invites to projects from customers of the site that have started what are called contests. You will have the opportunity to read the brief of what the contest is for and decide if you want to take that type of project on.

There will be many invites, trust me! You will be given the specific details for each contest such as:

What the design should look like

What the colors should be

Concepts that the contest holder has for the design

What types of deliverables you will be expected to provide for the customer

The deadline to get your designs submitted by

The amount of the award for the winner of the contest

All in all, it is a good way to get yourself known on the sites and a great way to get practice working with customers.

Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Are A Great Way To Build Your Portfolio

As you are working on these contests please remember to save your designs to use in your portfolio! They can be a great way to showcase your skills. However please remember that you can’t use these designs commercially, as the customer has purchased the rights to the designs. You can by all means share your work, just not in a professional capacity.

Another great site to create your portfolio is at Adobe Behance. You can become a member by going to and signing up for Adobe Creative Cloud, they have a student price of $29.99 monthly which includes all of their graphic design software and a lot of great tutorials. You can even try it free for 30 days! This also includes your ability to create your portfolio on Behance!

When a potential customer has a visual of the work that you are able to create they are more likely to hire you! Remember to update your portfolio as you grow as a designer and become more proficient in your skill set. As you build your portfolio select your best designs, keeping in mind that you should use all of your skills.

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I will also be sharing some of my experiences with all aspects of finding freelance graphic design jobs and the tools, software, courses and many other areas relating to the graphic design field. I will also open up a community forum to facilitate open communication on these subjects. I believe that we should help each other succeed in our endeavors to become independent and live our lives more fully as a result. This will be a place of support not criticism. A place where we can come together and share our knowledge and support.

Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine. ― Roy T. Bennett


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