Graphic Arts – Finding Your Muse with ArtRage

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Graphic Arts – Finding Your Muse with ArtRage

Imagine the ability to create whenever and where ever your muse inspires. Being able to draw or paint as the urge strikes. While the thoughts are still flowing and your inspiration is still in front of you.

This and so much more are possible with the use of ArtRage software. Following are some of the ways of finding your muse with ArtRage and the benefits it can bring to your designs.

Graphic Arts – Painting with Any Medium Anywhere

Whether you draw or sketch, doodle or paint ArtRage can give you the medium to work with. This software allows you to work with any medium where ever you are. Imagine sitting outside class waiting for lunch to end and you see the most beautiful image.

You do not have any paper or a camera that will do the image justice. Your mind is reeling and you want to draw. You can sketch with charcoal or pencil. Then while you still have your object in front of you, you can paint your creation to match what you are seeing.

ArtRage gives you all the choices your home studio would. You will have access to oils, watercolors, every brush you could possibly desire and more. You will also find the perfect canvas.

From smooth paper designs to textured canvas your finished product is sure to be a masterpiece. Making it easy to create while the inspiration is vivid and alive. Your only restrictions will be your desires.

Create with Any Device

With the power of any medium at your fingertips, you have the ability to create where ever you are. This could be in the park or on the subway. With ArtRage, you have the ability to capture all you are seeing on any device you have handy. After all, who travels without their phone anymore?

Acrylic Android Wallpaper Example

ArtRage is available on android and apple devices. It works wonderfully on tablets, phones, iPads, and computers.

You can also start on one and continue on another. Allowing you to start your project sitting on the subway on your way home and easily transition to your computers sketch pad when you reach home. Making the possibilities endless.

Graphic Arts – Tutorials For All Levels

If you get stuck while you are working on your designs the easy tutorials available on ArtRage can walk you through whatever you need.

With tutorials for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users, you are sure to find exactly what you need. Maybe you just want the basics. You can find this and will be ready to take your artist journey in no time.

The great thing about these tutorials is you can watch them and then return to them later if you need a refresher. Allowing you to keep your skills honed at your own pace.

Community Connections

Another benefit you can find with ArtRage is community connections. By entering the forums directly from the ArtRage app you will be able to talk with other like-minded creators.

This will give you an outlet for your frustrations and support from your peers. When you get stuck you will have the benefit of reaching out to someone else who may have the answers you are looking for.

Putting you in touch with people who have suffered the same things and relished in the same kinds of successes. What could be better than to be able to discuss the exhilaration you feel for finishing that perfect painting than with someone who understands the feeling themselves.

These forums allow you to connect with artists of different levels, talents, and desires. Giving you a community that understands and is willing to learn right along with you

Putting it All Together

While each of these individual aspects of ArtRage makes a compelling software. Combining their benefits in use is a must-have tool for any artist’s palette. Having ArtRage in your creative design toolbox is a great idea, especially when combined with Adobe Creative Cloud!

Whether you draw for enjoyment or are designing the next must-have graphic video game you will find what you need with ArtRage.

The expansive designs that can be created will not only enhance your already capable abilities but will allow you to explore new avenues of expression. Affording you the ability to dapple in each medium and try new styles without the expense of buying all of the supplies.

Avoiding any waste should you decide the medium is not for you. This software also allows you to integrate different media into your designs making a whole new art palette.

When you have an art studio at your fingertips the sky is not even the limit. The only limit will be how far you are willing to reach.

Advances are made in the creation of everything you can see anymore. It is time to put these advances into your designer’s toolbox. ArtRage makes creating your work of art as simple as thinking it, draw it, love it, giving your muse free reign.

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