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How To Sell T-Shirts Online – You Have Some Designs Or Ideas

So, you have created some amazing designs, you ask yourself “How To Sell T-Shirts Online?”

Now you want to market your company and get your designs out there for the public to view. What better way than with a wearable billboard. This is just one of the amazing advantages of utilizing Teespring as a springboard for your graphic designs.

A Platform That Works for You

Teespring is a platform that allows you to turn your graphic designs into t-shirts and so much more. With their easy design and simple to follow layout, Teespring will have you ready to sell your creations in no time.

You can start your journey with a t-shirt that brings new traffic to your e-store. From t-shirts, you can move on to new merchandise like cell phone cases, backpacks, beach towels, coffee mugs, and so much more. With numerous products available and new ones added all the time, it is easy to grow your graphics business.

How amazing would it be to have that design you worked hours or days on walking down the street as a shirt or held to someone’s ear while they are talking on the phone? T-shirts can be just the beginning of your road to success. With your creative mind and a platform for harvesting these thoughts, you will be well on your way.

Design and Sell – How To Sell T-Shirts Online

How to sell t-shirts online - kitty-has-cat-itude!
Kitty has Cat-itude!

With Teespring, you will have all the tools you need at your fingertips. It is as easy as signing up, designing your masterpiece, and sitting back to reap the rewards.

Adobe Illustrator is a great tool for designing T-Shirts! You can find some great tutorials online and on Adobe’s Website.

Teespring does all of the leg work for you so you have more time for the creative process. With their easy to follow instructions, you can upload your designs or create right inside their website.

Once you have perfected your design you choose what products you want to offer it on. This is where your advertising ideas come into play.

You can choose that phone case that literally leaves everyone talking about your design (while they talk on it of course), a t-shirt to cover that bikini that will have all eyes on your product (with expectations of its removal). or the beach towel to sit on while soaking up the rays. These are just a few of the possibilities.

Once you have chosen the products that make your desired statement, you are ready for the next step. Selling your product. The great thing about Teespring is that when your design is ready you simply add it to your sales page and Teespring takes care of the rest.

Marketing, Shipping, and Customer Service in One Place

Teespring - How to sell T-Shirts online
Teespring – How to sell T-Shirts online

Now you are ready to boost your sales and show the world what is on your mind. With Teespring, you can choose to use their connections to market your designs. Reaching more buyers, thus increasing your sales.

They also take all of the logistics and leg work out of becoming successful. When your product is ordered they will prepare and fill the order and ship it out to your customer. Another great feature is they then handle the customer service end of your product as well.

If the product has not arrived, they will take the necessary steps to ensure its delivery. Again, leaving you to reap the benefits and rewards.

Keep More of the Money You Deserve

Now for the most important part, the money. This is, of course, the reason you did this, to begin with, right?

An excellent benefit with utilizing Teespring for your graphic tees business is that it is free. You created this great product so why should others take all of your profit? With Teespring, you receive all of the profit from your sale.

The breakdown of sales and profit can be seen here. You choose the sales price for each product. With this decision, you are also deciding your profit.

This will be calculated by your sales price minus the base cost of the product and ending with the profits being deposited in your Teespring payout account. From there you are free to withdraw your hard earned (well in this case not so hard earned) money.

Training Center and Blog for Enhanced Involvement

Two final features to enhance your involvement with the Teespring platform is their training center and blog.

The training center will help you step by step through the process of making money with your designs.

Whether you are just starting out or just found something you don’t understand, you can get help with the process.

With tutorials to walk you step by step through the process, you are sure to find your answers. With their blog, you can find articles that give you design tips and a host of other useful ideas.

Achieving success is the end goal of any profession. Graphic design is no different and in such you need to have the best tools at your disposal. Utilizing the Teespring website to design, sell, and earn, is a great tool for achieving your success and has the advantage of being hassle-free and fun to use.

Go ahead and check out my store on Teespring!

Just getting my store started and thought I would share my experience with you.

I hope this has got your creative juices flowing, you can start with some funny phrases and then once you get inspired you can always add some more adventurous designs.

Please comment below with any tips or advice that you may have for the community.


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14 comments on “How To Sell T-Shirts Online

Andrew G

I like your control alt delete T-shirt. That one’s for all the techies out there. I see the design of the site as well founded and a trusted and reliable source as well. Very glad that you brought this to our attention as many people are looking at this as marketers. I hope that everyone really find success and actually advertising using these methods because they are really cool for all those looking at them.


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your comments and encouragement! I hope you enjoyed the article,



Just the post I was looking for!! I’ve been trying to get in to the T-shirt making business seasonally, and this is the push I needed to really start taking it seriously. I’ve always considered myself as creative, and all my friends have told me that I should start putting all my crazy designs on to tshirts, so I think I’m gonna start!

I’ve never heard of Teespring, but is appears to be the exact kind of platform that I could benefit from with my venture. By the way, I LOVE that they have a training center. That’s cream on the cake. I followed through to the link you provided and the merch looks amazing! this is all so motivating, I can’t wait to get started on my own designs ^^ Thank you so much for the post! 



Hi Koda! It is great to hear that you are interested in utilizing Teespring to help you sell your t-shirts online. I hope that you will have fun and make a ton of $$,


Chris Isaac

It great to sell your own brand of Tshirt because you are letting the world know what you can do and about your creativity. However there are lot of things to be put into consideration, example of things need to be put into consideration and to question yourself,  will your brand or creativity capture the mind of the audience?, do I have a good online store to sell off my Tshirts?, and when customer demand for the Tshirt how will I reach the person or sent his Tshirt to him?. If you can asnswer these questions accurately to yourself then you can make it to the online selling of Tshirt world.


Hi Chris thanks for your interest in How to Sell T-shirts online! Part of the reason for platforms like Teespring is so that the process is much simpler that trying to do it all on your own.

You will still of course have to research your target audience and trending designs,



This is a very interesting and productive business venture. 

i have nephews and nieces who love drawing, they are still very young, just in the elementary school, but they have potential for this.

I’ll take note of this and inform their parents so maybe encourage them to hone their talents and later on, they could be future t- shirt designers.

Who knows? Thanks for this awesome post.




That is a great idea! The art that your nephews and nieces can create may be a popular item, and on T-shirts!

Teespring is a great place to try it out and see if it sells and at no risk to the family,



Thank you for sharing this information about Teespring. My brother has been working on his own brand of t-shirt for quite sometime now and I promised I would help him sell them using my website as a platform. But I realized it’s not that easy especially since I have no idea at all how to do this. 

Teespring sounds like the very thing I need and I like that they will not only help my brother make his designs look more professional but they will also take care of the marketing, shipping and customer care aspects of this business. By the way, you said that it’s free to use this platform and they even offer training. 

I am most certainly going to give it a try, thanks again.



Good Morning! Yes Teespring takes a lot of the work off of the designer, thus allowing the designer to DESIGN!



I’m glad that I found this article. I have been searching for that kind of idea for a long time. How to create your own designs and to sell them. What an awesome platform that finally I could learn something I thought never will. Especially I like that you can design your T-shirts really worth to try. Thank you for sharing  


Hi Niijole,

Thanks for stopping by Graphic Spot! I hope you will have fun and be successful in your venture, you can keep us updated if you like. All tips, experiences and helpful advice are always welcome at Graphic Spot,



I’ve heard of Teespring before and it seems like the most popular way to create and sell your own T-Shirts. I will decide on using this for whenever I want to get better at drawing since its a really cool way for people to promote their own art. Teespring is a creative and fun way to earn money from which is something I would like to do.



I feel the same as you, I am going to devote more time to creating my designs once I get my blog where I would like it to be!



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