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Learn Photoshop Basics – The Endless Benefits Of Adobe Photoshop 

Graphic designers know that you are only as good as the tools at your disposal. Pen and paper or brushes and paints. Learn Photoshop Basics to become the graphic designer that your meant to be!

Want to have all the tools imaginable at your fingertips? Imagine the possibilities for success with such tools.

By adding Adobe Photoshop to your graphic design toolbox, you can achieve that and so much more.

learn photoshop basics

Here are some of the benefits of adding Adobe Photoshop to your graphic design toolbox.

Learn Photoshop Basics – Graphic Design That Speaks Your Mind

What is your first thought when you think about Photoshop?

Most people think about photo editing.  That is the beginning of the capabilities available with Adobe Photoshop.

Begin with a simple photograph or sketch and change it into anything your mind can imagine.

True to life features can take an ordinary picture of the sky and turn it into a graphic design masterpiece.

Creative editing so advanced you can swap part of a photo and blend it to fit somewhere else. Imagine the possibilities for your graphic design projects.

learn photoshop basics

Learn Photoshop Basics – Brushstrokes to Impress

Adobe Photoshop is fantastic for editing pictures to your desired result.

Tools that will enable you to make lifelike brush strokes or manipulate any figure into a new design.

You will be hard pressed to find something it won’t allow you to do.  Make a suggestion, and you might see it in the next update.

Photoshop features allow you to create your designs using any of your devices in the office or on the go.   You can manipulate your creation to fit your desired results.

Imagine drawing a perfect logo for your new client and bringing it to life through animation.

Adobe Photoshop animation features can bring any photograph or sketch to life in a few steps. Making each presentation yours.

Adobe Photoshop With Creative Cloud -Convenience That Goes Anywhere

Adobe Photoshop connects to your Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries anywhere.

You can design your work anywhere and have it at the ready where ever opportunity knocks.

Imagine you are sitting on the subway and the person next to you is talking about needing designs for a project.

Another added benefit of choosing Adobe Photoshop to your graphic design toolbox:

You can open your portfolio right there on your phone and show him all your creations; turning a simple ride home into a new adventure in success.

Learn Photoshop Basics – Video Tutorials for Every Level

learn photoshop basics

Level up your skills in Adobe Photoshop, there are new features released on an ongoing basis.

Adobe addresses this with new and updated training videos. These videos will help the beginner get started, and the expert to achieve greatness.

Adobe has tutorials covering software installation, beginner basics, intermediate and expert levels. You are sure to find what you need to help you advance your graphic design portfolio.

If you are beginning or looking for some new tips you will find something to suit your current needs. Even if you have been designing for years and want to freshen your skills.

All with the convenience of videos that you can stop and restart to fit your busy schedule.

In our post on Adobe Illustrator Tutorials you will find some other tutorials that may appeal to you.

Adobe Creative Cloud Members – Have First Availability to the Latest Advancements

With Adobe Photoshop you will have access to new software and design features. Having first access, you will get a jump on the competition with new techniques.

A great example is the new Symmetry Mode. This new feature allows you to create pleasing designs.  With all the ease you have become accustomed to with other Adobe products.

You can choose from many different symmetrical designs. Horizontal, vertical, wavy, circle, even mandala to create your dream image.

You are sure to gain the upper hand in your graphic design projects.

Learn Photoshop Basics!

When you have an idea, you need to be able to create it while inspiration is hot!

Adobe Photoshop allows you to do this and so much more. This invaluable tool will help you design in style.

All this and more are yours by adding Adobe Photoshop to your graphic design toolbox.

Take the time to share your Photoshop ideas or projects with our community!

Please comment below with any of your ideas.  Graphic design projects that you would like to share with the Graphic Spot Community. I will review and then post to our blog with your permission.

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10 comments on “Learn Photoshop Basics

afolabi anumicheal

Thanks for writing this article on  the endless benefits of adobe Photoshop. I must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to write this article. Adobe Photoshop is very popular software among web designers and image editors.i will always choose it above another other software,because  It is a user friendly software and offers lots of unique tools that help you unleash your creativity.this software allows me  to manipulate, crop, resize, and correct color on digital photos.


Hi, thanks for stopping by Graphic Spot! I agree with you on Photoshop being the go-to for all of my editing tasks as well as a lot of my creative projects. I actually use Creative Cloud daily.



Hey Virginia,

I am inspired by reading your informative and educational reviews on Adobe Photoshop. Although I got acquainted with it, I have learned many new things by reading the review. I didn’t know about the opportunity of Creative Cloud. And I’ve no idea of the use of many of its tools except for a little bit. I’m very much interested in learning Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Through this, I can upload beautiful and favorite pictures on my web page as well. Well, which version of Adobe Photoshop will you recommend for the novice? Thank you sincerely for your excellent post.

Warm wishes,


Hi Ranao,

Thanks for your comments!  Adobe Creative Cloud is quite extensive in the variety of programs that they offer. 

The latest version of Adobe Photoshop is what comes with the Creative Cloud membership, and all of the apps are continually being updated, so you will always be on top of the new features available.

Feel free to click on one of the links in the post for further information and free downloads of the apps for 30 trials.

Wishing you the best,



I personally am using Photoshop and I absolutely agree with your post on how powerful this software is and the wonders that it can do. You not only provided all the information on the strength of Photoshop, you were creative to throw in one example at the subway that put Photoshop in good light. I’ve never seen such way of promoting a software, that is brilliant indeed. It’s very refreshing to read your post, thank you for sharing. 


Hi Jeffrey and thank you for stopping by Graphic Spot! Yes in these days and times work happens wherever we are and how great it is to have mobile productivity software that can help us capture those opportunities with ease!


Tracy cole

Thank you so much to the author who has written down this kind of such a beneficial article.  This article opened my mind to the fact that there is nothing i can’t learn online which is highly encouraging. I have always wanted to learn about how to use photoshop but i have never known how to go about the task. Thanks for these wonderful tips shared on the basics. It is higjly appreciated


Your welcome Tracy! Hope to see you again in the future, I will be completing reader suggested projects with screen recording if that is something that would interest you, please feel free to join us here at Graphic Spot.



Nice review on the Photoshop application. I have used it in the past for graphic design, editing pictures and videos. I have stopped my graphic work for some time now but soon I will start again and I know I would be working with the latest version. Meanwhile I have learnt some important tips that I don’t know about Photoshop in your article. This will be useful for me. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Brent,

Great to hear that you have benefitted from reading the article on “Learn Photoshop Basics”! 

I hope you will join us again when you decide to get back into graphic design, look forward to seeing many great articles on the subject here. I also plan on doing some tutorials with screen recording so that the reader may watch the applications in action while learning to complete individual projects.



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