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When you have dreams of being a graphic designer, it can be hard to find the time to take the classes you need. The answer is finding online graphic design courses – Learning Graphic Design at your own pace.

online graphic design courses
Study at your own pace
Learning Graphic Design in conventional schooling once you have graduated and received your degree, you may have a busy schedule at work.
Future advancements often make new learning and new classes necessary. How do you keep up with the latest design techniques and not spend all your time in a classroom?
Total Training has everything you need to stay on top of your graphic design game. All from the convenience of your home and at your own pace.

Online Graphic Design Courses – What Is Total Training?

Total Training is a place where you can buy courses in many different subjects. Subjects vary from office software and productivity to web development and programming courses.
Total Training has a total of 112 graphic design courses.
adobe courses in my library
Some of the Adobe Courses in my library
These courses range from beginner basics to advanced courses.
Allowing you to learn everything there is to know about graphic design. Teaching you how to use the tools that are available for advancement in your field.
A key advantage of these courses is you can study them on your own time and master the materials all at once or bit by bit.
You choose your learning goals and follow the lessons to where you want to go.
A great advantage of these courses is that they were created by certified trainers.
They can give you some insights that other instructors may not have.

What Can Total Training Do For My Graphic Design Future?

Now that you know what Total Training With Graphic Spot is, you are ready to dive in. You will see the benefits these courses can bring to your graphic design education or work.
A student who is starting out you will find a host of courses to fill your plate.
As a master graphic designer, you will find courses that can enhance your current skills.
Each course will walk you through the tools and benefits of new software options.
Access to the latest techniques will give you an advantage over the competition.
Imagine the advantage you will have with the skills your competition might not have.
Many courses feature Adobe products one of the most prominent design tools. A must in every graphic designer’s tool kit.
With the sheer number of courses available, there is something for every student. You are sure to find courses at every level of your graphic design path.

Online Graphic Design Courses – Learning Graphic Design – Accessory Courses

At Total Training you can find full graphic design courses.
For example, you could choose the ADOBE CC DESIGN MASTERCLASS BUNDLE. Add other Adobe Creative Cloud courses like Photoshop basics to compliment this one.
With this kind of learning platform, you can pick and choose to design your perfect course plan.
Covering everything you need to take your creations from your imagination to completion.

Benefits of Self-Learning

Having Total Training in your graphic design arsenal adds the benefit of self-learning.
You can learn more from these courses than some of your college courses. Learn at your pace on your own time, wherever you have access to the internet. Total Training also has a desktop app that allows you to download your courses to access offline.
You do not have a set schedule or completion date.
At Total Training you can take your time and learn every little detail if you so choose.
This type of learning is more relaxed allowing the student to go back through lessons to review previous chapters if needed.
When you are more comfortable in your setting, you absorb more of what you are seeing and hearing.
Allowing you to learn essential concepts you may have missed in a crowded classroom.
Self paced training will give you a more thorough understanding of design concepts.

Courses For Every Step of Your Career Path

Total Training provides hands-on courses for every step of your graphic design career. From new knowledge while you are in college, to advanced techniques for your career.
All the way to learning how to start your own graphic design business when college is over. These fantastic courses cover everything you could want to know and then some.
Total Training instructors guide you through each course by having you perform tasks. Giving you the tools to succeed.

More on – Online Graphic Design Courses

There are many graphic design courses available online, what type you need to fulfill your career goals are what you will need to determine.
While many feel that you need a formal education to be a professional graphic designer, many others will tell you that they are self-taught.
If you feel that you need the discipline that a conventional college affords, then by all means that is the course for you!
However, it should not limit you from learning from online graphic design courses.
I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and that one can learn through many different  vehicles. Only you can decide which is the best way for you to learn any skill.
Please note that you can also take Adobe Certification Exams to become an Adobe Certified Expert once you have learned these skills.
Total Training is an essential tool available to every graphic designer.
No matter your level of expertise you cannot go wrong with new knowledge.

All the latest advances released daily, weekly and yearly.

These courses may be your way to stay ahead of your competition. Why not try one or several courses and see where your new knowledge can lead you in your graphic design career.
Keeping your skills up to date is extremely important in any field, especially in digital software. Trends are always changing in the marketplace, with Total Training you can see some of these trends by checking out the latest courses.
In the post on Adobe Illustrator Tutorials you can also see that you can find even more training by going straight to Adobe’s website. Using both of these online graphic design courses you are sure to learn a lot!
Put your knowledge to the test by creating projects to include in your graphic design Portfolio Website.
Please feel free to comment or suggest ideas for projects or articles in the comment section below.

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6 comments on “Online Graphic Design Courses – Learning Graphic Design


I am so glad I ran into this article. I need a lot of graphic design software to design the images for my sites and youtube videos and these graphics softwares are just what I need. This article also suggests ways that I can enhance my graphic design and even online courses that I can use to become proficient in graphic design. What’s your favorite program?


Hi Jon,

Thanks for stopping by Graphic Spot! Always glad to be of help, that is the purpose to this article to provide a place to learn at your own pace. My favorite program is Adobe Creative Cloud because it is the industry standard and comes with many programs. At the Total Training platform you can learn these programs and so much more also.



Thank you so much for this exhaustive and informative post. I am a graphics enthusiast and even though I do not aim to make it a sole means of living, I would not mind having a deeper knowledge in it to enable me to edit my websites too. I have self taught myself on how to make use of the corel Draw and the Adobe Photoshop. I like the fact that this post also suggest various softwares and online courses that will broaden my knowledge in graphics designing.

Thanks for this



Thank you for visiting Graphic Spot! 

Yes there are many courses available on Total Training, they are definitely not limited to graphic design. I wanted to share the resource for graphic designers and people who could use the training in other areas as well.

They have over 600 courses in many areas of expertise so this platform will have something for everyone looking to increase their skills.



These courses will be very helpful for me. I am looking for a course to learn graphic designs. My job makes me use the Photoshop software, but I can only do simple designs now. I hope the graphic design courses you recommend will help me be able to design anything I need for my website. I would appreciate it if you tell me which program I should choose.

Thank you for your information.


Hello Mary,

Thanks for stopping by Graphic Spot!

My first recommendation would be the  

Adobe CC Design Master Training Bundle

This is the full Adobe Master course if you would like to learn all of the aspects of designing for your website.

You can also choose some specific course such as Photoshop Essentials, if that is what you are looking for.

Another great deal is to get total access for a full year, or 2 years, you can even go for 6 months or even monthly for about $25.00.

Keep in mind that when you purchase a bundle you own the bundle and there is no set time limit so you can learn at your own pace.

Best of success to you,



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