Using Graphic Design Portfolio Websites

Graphic Design Portfolio WebsiteLet’s take a look at some ways that you can use Graphic Design Portfolio Websites to further your freelance career. As mentioned in my recent post you can use design contests and your profile to create designs.

Then add your designs to your portfolio, now where do you showcase all of these designs in one place that is all yours?

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. – Les Brown

Graphic Design Portfolio Websites – How To Get Started

I am a member of Adobe Creative Cloud and as a member, I have utilized their software and other benefits to enhance my freelance studies.

  • Adobe Portfolio: A great way to showcase your skills and designs. Included in the Creative Cloud membership, this website takes you through the process much like a wizard. You can design your portfolio website and publish it all within this program.
  • Behance: Also included in the Adobe Creative Cloud membership. Behance is a place where you can upload your designs and receive feedback. You can also apply for jobs, get inspiration and get noticed! This a creative community of professionals and students that share their works and follow each other for inspiration and networking opportunities.
  • Squarespace: This site is basically a website builder where you can also create your portfolio. There a many sites like this that you may like to use to publish your Graphic Design Portfolio Website.
  • Format: Offers a place to get started small and grow! They also have a magazine with articles relating to the field of Graphic Design. With the 2nd pricing package, you even get a free domain and other great services.

Which Graphic Design Portfolio Websites Do I Choose?

Let me say this first, ask yourself what you need from a Graphic Design Website? Once you have your needs determined, you can determine which website service is best for you.

  1. Are you a beginner?
  2. Do you need a community and inspiration? (or would you like to have this added benefit?)
  3. Are you more advanced in your studies or career?
  4. Have I researched all of my options?
  5. Do I have enough quality designs to upload to a Graphic Design Portfolio Website?

My Experiences With Graphic Design Portfolio Websites

I have been using Adobe Creative Cloud and that is where much of my experience has been. Although I have done a lot of research into the topic and the available services, I do not have firsthand experience with the other services. I am merely trying to provide options to my readers. As I have stated before I want this blog to be about sharing resources and information for all Graphic Designers, students, and professionals who wish to get started in a freelance career.

That being said I truly enjoy the benefits of using Adobe for my Graphic Design Portfolio! I use Adobe Portfolio and Behance. I have begun a new portfolio just to go with this blog so that you may follow the progression of its development. It is not linked to my original portfolio because I wanted to do this step by step during the building of this blog. As a compliment to each.

A Learning Experience

Here is the screenshot of my blank portfolio that will be built post by post along with you!

My Test Portfolio

Here’s To Our Success As Freelance Graphic Designers!

I hope you have been enjoying the posts here at Graphic Spot! Please feel free to leave any comments that you may have on any of the posts or topics that you have found helpful. I welcome all feedback and would also like to provide feedback for anyone that asks! As you can see the portfolio above is completely empty.

This is on Adobe Portfolio and with my next post, I will be updating what the next steps are. At this point, all I have done is edit my name and a small description, and I have edited a button to link to this blog.

In our next post I will add some designs and customize the site some more, the site is very easy to use and has a lot of options for you! So stay posted or follow along if you would like you can start your site today!

I would like this to be a great experience for all of us! You can follow on the building of the new Graphic Design Portfolio Website, please keep posted.

Beginning Your Graphic Design Website

The objective in this current project is to take you through the step by step process of building a Graphic Design Website from start to finish.

I will be using some of my old designs to populate the portfolio, as I would like to keep this blog separate from my actual professional site until both sides of the coin are complete. I don’t want unfinished works to be viewed online and that giving my customers a wrong impression of my skills.

You should not publish your site until you have built it solidly!

What I mean by that is that your content and your designs are of your best quality. Remember you can create great designs while you are participating in contests or during your studies. If you are a professional graphic designer then you should have quite a few designs that you can add to your portfolio website.

Keep in mind that what I am trying to accomplish here is to take you through the steps of creating your Graphic Design Portfolio Website, I am not promoting myself or my skills.

I like to think of this as a learning experience for all of us that would like to share in the process.

Thanks for stopping by! Here’s to your success as a Freelance Graphic Designer.

If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t, you will see obstacles. – Wayne Dyer


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13 comments on “Using Graphic Design Portfolio Websites

AV 2001

Hello Virginia,

I’ve enjoyed reading this article on “Using Graphic Design Portfolio Websites” as its informative and interesting. I have a website running live but it’s kinda simple and I wanna make it look more professional. Which other software (except Adobe Portfolio) would you recommend? 

Thanks in advance for answering my question. Keep up the good work!


Virginia says:
December 8, 2018 at 3:59 pm Edit
What is your website about? Are you a Graphic Designer or student?
You can make your website more professional looking by changing a theme or adding reviews. Photos are also helpful. Have a page for testimonials or list your customers. You can use WordPress with a professional theme or if you are able to use Adobe you can use Adobe Spark which is fairly simple to use if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud membership.
Best of luck to you and thanks for the encouragement!

Sam Frederiksen


I have a couple questions,  How do I get started? DO you have a subscription service?  I average at design work but could definitely use some pointers.  Do you have a class? Be interesting in finding out some more, this topic interests me.  Where can I use my graphic portfolio once it is created?


Hi Sam,

Thanks for the interest! And you have a lot of questions! Okay here goes:

1) I am adding a subscription service as soon as possible. Right now I am taking the blog through the setup process on Adobe Portfolio, with each new blog post I will explain what I have done on the portfolio.

2) Classes will come in the future, thanks for the interest as I was thinking about how to add classes!

3) You can market your portfolio as you would any other website! You can also provide the link to potential customers, so that they can review your work. You can also add it to your signature line in your emails, share on social media, etc.

Keep coming back for much, much more on graphic design,



Hi Virginia, thanks for providing a place where graphic designers can share ideas and thanks for your post.  I think documenting a project or journey is a great idea (you always have something to say).

Couple questions:

1) Do you recommend a Squarespace or Wix over having a WordPress site with your own domain?  I would think the more control you could have over your content the better, but perhaps a Squarespace offers something additional to graphic designers.

2) Not clear on what Format is that you mention? What does that provide that you you wouldn’t get with a Creative Cloud Membership, for example?


Gustavo, thanks for providing your feedback! 

In answer to your questions:

1) I am actually using WordPress for my blog, but for a Graphic Design Portfolio I think it is good to be able to have the community added with some of the sites that I discussed, you will have more access to networking instead of being “alone” online. Again this is basically to get started in freelance.

2) Some people do not have Adobe and I wanted to provide other options; Format has different pricing levels for Portfolio Website Packages and they also have a Magazine with articles that are pretty informative. I myself use Adobe software as a designer, but believe it or not there are other programs that designers are using to create designs and produce commercial quality items for their customers. You can check out Format to see some of the options available for a website and other services.

Again thanks for the great feedback,



What is your website about? Are you a Graphic Designer or student?
You can make your website more professional looking by changing a theme or adding reviews. Photos are also helpful. Have a page for testimonials or list your customers. You can use WordPress with a professional theme or if you are able to use Adobe you can use Adobe Spark which is fairly simple to use if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud membership.
Best of luck to you and thanks for the encouragement!

mark kabakov

Wayne Dyer, Hello! Great that you published the theme of creating graphic design websites. Your generous willingness to teach this struck me with kindness. 

Of course, I was tormented by questions: how to make a page beautiful? 

How to learn to post on the page what I see from other bloggers? 

Which thematic picture to choose from 2.5 thousand, which offers WordPress? 

A novice stumbles upon his question with every independent step. This is a moment of joy and hope to meet your post.  Your willingness to training at a novice step-by-step is gratitude and admiration. 

I will take your lessons and acquaint others with this article. Thank. Mark


Hi Mark thanks for your feedback!

Everything that you said in your comment are the exact reasons that I started Graphic Spot. To help each other overcome the stumbles and exasperation in attempting to become a freelance graphic designer!

I see that the blog will also be helpful to others that are learning to spice up their websites as well.

Here’s to learning together,


Rob S.

Graphic design is awesome. When I was designing corrugated displays I was always working with graphic designers and I had a lot of respect for their expertise as did they for me as well.

I think it’s a great field to be in for freelancers in graphic design.Building your portfolio is so important because it shows your potential clients what you can do. I had mine own portfolio and it’s a necessity for sure especially on a website. You just want to choose the right ones.

Adobe Creative Cloud sounds like the best way to go about it!


Hi Rob,

Thanks for the insight! And I agree with you Adobe is the way to go, it is the industry standard and producing designs with Adobe makes the turn over to the client go much smoother.



Hi there,

Awesome article, I really enjoyed the reading!

I  don’t know nothing about graphic design portfolio and if I am here today is because my daughter wants to start learning graphic.

I am going to show her this article, I am sure she will find it very interesting, I do have a question, though. Does she needs a special material and will there be a video course about the graphic? 

Thank you very much in advance!


Hi Daniella, thank you for your comments and praise about the article! 

If your daughter is learning or wanting to learn graphic design there are many tutorials available online which I will go into further on the blog. I will also be sharing some of my own tutorials in the future.

For the project I will be using Adobe Portfolio which comes with an Adobe Creative Cloud membership. The Creative Cloud has a free 14 day trial to use all of the programs and also includes many tutorials also! 

Keep in mind the project that I am currently working on is about building a Graphic Design Portfolio Website, which means that the artist should have some designs to showcase within the portfolio. Once she has some designs then she can start building her portfolio! 

Keep posted to the site for more information on some free tutorials on learning graphic design,



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